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Richard Dewey
God Morning. I fear I may have left my Cell Phone at your location last night 12-26-18. It is a Samsung S7 in a light blue Otter Box case. The number is 785-229-9080 and probably has several missed calls. You can contact me via email at or by my wife's cell phone 785-229-6887. Thank you very much. Richard Dewey
I have eaten at your restuarant on multiple occasions. It is my preferred place to go in Ottawa. So it surprised me that today 12/13/18 my choice would have me question things. I ordered shrimp fried rice. The cook made chicken fried rice but before placing it on the table the waitress caught his mistake. The others with me felt obligated to wait to eat until I received mine. It came out fast which was surprising but not as surprising to realize about five shrimp were put in with the chicken fried rice with the big pieces of chicken removed. Yuck! Good thing I am not allergic to chicken. I bring this to yuor attention because the next person maybe allergic.
Katie Butts
What items do you have that are safe for a person with peanut allergy? Do you use peanut oil?