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Michael James
I am taking a look at your menu and see some issues with placing orders online. With the coronavirus affecting restaurants, I'd like to offer the services of my company. We help restaurants set up online and delivery systems on their sites within 24 hours. I don't charge anything until it's all set up and your taking orders. I'd love to jump on a call with you and discuss what I can do for your business. My cell is 863-260-8475 or you can visit my site for more information. I can get you all live and taking pickup or delivery orders within a day. stay safe! This is my personal email too.
I want to support you by purchasing a gift card online. You are listed on support.local but I cannot find where to purchase a gift card. Please advise. Thank you.
Joe Gonzales
I picked up an order that was placed on 2/26/20 for A medical office in Ottawa and would like to request a receipt for the amount of $104.07. Thanks!